Autism Prayer by Charis Sieunarine

Read by Charis Sieunarine at the first virtual conference. She wrote the prayer in 2007 and we use it to begin our meetings.

Almighty God, we pray for all those persons in this country and worldwide who have Autism Spectrum

Help us to

 A       Accept and embrace those who have autism.

 U       Unite the hearts of all mankind in recognizing their plight.

 T       Touch with Your Grace, the lives of those who intentionally ignore them

 I        Inspire heartwarming willingness and quiet patience in those who care for and love persons with autism and

 S       Strengthen their ability to cope by changing their moments of confusion and frustration into understanding and peace, so that

 M      Miracles can occur in the lives of those special persons with Autism Spectrum.

All these special blessings we humbly ask dear God, 


Written by Charis Sieunarine-April 2007

Autistic Society of Trinidad & Tobago