Special meeting with Guest Speaker Mr. Kelvin Thomas – “Role of Fatherhood as Architect and Nurturer”

The Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago

Invites you to a very special meeting with our guest speaker

Mr. Kelvin Thomas

“Role of Fatherhood as Architect and Nurturer”

Breaking the social/cultural tradition of the role of men in the family of just being the provider to designing a life experience and pathway for individual member development and wellbeing.

On Saturday 23rd June, starting at 1:45pm to 4.30pm

At Autism place

#5 Ragoo Road, Dabadie

Mr. Thomas is a father to a 9 year old girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome. She is also a Cancer survivor. He is a disability advocate – advocating for greater opportunities for children with disabilities requiring government sponsored and funded education and therapy. Also advocating for fathers’ to become more involved, educated and engaged in the development of their children’s lives.

TO REGISTER PLEASE CALL  ASTT  646-5506/225-6808/


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